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What does the easing of restrictions around elective surgery now mean for consumers?​

This week we asked members of our COVID-19 Community of Interest: What matters to you when balancing the fear of being infected with the benefits of receiving ongoing care for your health condition? What barriers do we need to overcome in order to confidently shift our approach to utilize this capacity in the health system and feel reassured about the safety of patients and staff?  How do we best use the private hospital capacity which is now available? ​ Continue reading eAlert >

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Re-balancing the health system: Consumer perspectives

When contemplating re-balancing the health system by bringing some elective surgeries back on-line, consumers identified key conditions that must be met in order them to feel safe when receiving their needed healthcare including: Prioritising care for vulnerable consumers first Addressing gaps in communication Tailored conversations versus blanket-wide policies Clear and early conversations about what postoperative care would look like and alternative ways of receiving that care, and the...

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Delaying Healthcare Due to COVID-19

Consumers told us they were delaying their regular healthcare due to COVID-19. There was uncertainty about what healthcare was still available and what wasn’t, and concerns about how all of this is being communicated. Read the Issues Paper >

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Are you delaying healthcare due to COVID-19?

The news that we have flattened the curve in Queensland and are not experiencing the anticipated spike in infections and rise in hospital and ICU admissions, is welcome indeed. However, consumers and carers are now facing a further healthcare challenge: grappling with the impact of the lockdown on their ongoing healthcare needs. Queensland Health is reminding people that hospitals and services are still 'open' and regular appointments can be kept. Yet we have heard some people are putting off...

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Lifting the Line

Planning and decision-making around the public health system response to COVID-19 is urgent and must factor in an ever-changing landscape. Quality consultation with consumers is in high demand and often takes place with less than 24 hours turn-around.  These challenges for Health Consumers Queensland and Queensland Health mean we need to work closely together to ensure consumers are brought in at the right time to influence plans, and public-facing communications and directives. In this week's...

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Queensland Health staff: How to get rapid consumer consultation on your COVID-19 work

Health Consumers Queensland has been having regular video-based Consumer Conversations about the Queensland public health system’s response to COVID-19 with groups of health consumers and carers across the state.\We invite Queensland Health staff to use these established mechanisms to consult consumers and carers on your work. During COVID-19, we understand that work happens quickly. These groups work on an agile agenda, so consumer input on short notice is readily achievable eg. a 24 hour...

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Consumers: How to use Zoom and ensure your voice is heard during COVID-19

We are working to ensure that the consumer voice remains at the heart of the COVID-19 health response. One of the most effective ways to share your views right now is via online video conferencing platforms like Zoom. We would like to help you build your skills to use Zoom with confidence so that you can host and join meetings online, self-organise and have an impact on planning and decision-making in your regions and local communities. Zoom is free and easy to download if you have a computer...

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Consumers continue to be part of important decision-making

Health Consumers Queensland is working hard to make sure health consumers continue to be part of important decision-making – even during a global pandemic We are doing this by attending daily or weekly meetings on: Clinical matters Mental health Disability health Community health Stakeholder networks Communications Maternity and with other NGOs. We also connected with health consumer organisations across the country to share strategies and resources. Do you feel you have the right information...

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e-Alert to focus on powerful partnerships which inform and shape the COVID-19 response

We know that many of you are at the heart of COVID-19 in Queensland, either as consumers and carers, loving family members, or as staff in the health system. Our thoughts are with you all and we hope that working together on this will help to ease the burden.  Health Consumers Queensland is now focusing its efforts on supporting powerful partnerships between consumers and staff in the health system. Our role is in enabling the most effective strategic response to COVID-19 and the communication...

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**NEW HCQ TIP SHEET – partnering with consumers on COVID-19

On request from Hospital and Health Service staff, Health Consumers Queensland has created a brand new HCQ tip sheet for staff on how to involve consumers in COVID-19 planning, decision-making and communications . We hope you find this clear, simple and useful.  We have sent it to HHS Chief Executives and Engagement Advisors.  Please circulate it to any staff and consumers you know who should be partnering together on the local development of COVID-19 strategy and communication. Download the...

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