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Harnessing the benefits of telehealth and virtual care

5 June 2020 Rapid expansion of telehealth and virtual care has emerged as one of the positive outcomes from COVID-19. Consumers shared key insights including: Everybody is doing it differently. Let’s make it simpler, easier and less complicated for all consumers and health care providers to use telehealth. Let’s ensure there is public awareness and system-wide acknowledgment of when and where telehealth is inappropriate. Ensure consumers have choice in the way their healthcare is delivered...

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Qld Health funding priorities 2020/2021

While talking about funding priorities for the next financial year, it was clear that health consumers have an appetite for major changes in health.  Consumers have suggested major reforms to long-held ways of providing health care.  Identified reforms are: to the way patients are categorized for care re-imagining HHS borders funding healthcare collaborating with consumers to design new models of care, service improvements and funding models to actively address the social and cultural...

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As Queensland looks forward, who is being left behind?

At the Queensland Clinical Senate meeting on Monday, clinicians and consumers from across the state examined the innovations and improved models of care which have come out of the response to COVID-19, and made recommendations about what should be kept and developed beyond this pandemic. As the public health system starts to look forward, Health Consumers Queensland has also been continuing to talk with consumers this week about who is being left behind. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted...

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Priority Queensland populations – consumers and carers at risk of being left behind

19 May Consumers identified health consumers and carers at risk of being left behind during COVID-19. This helped form their views on who should be included in priority Queensland populations and what healthcare should look like for them. Consumers also saw the value of focusing on the commonalities between these groups as their challenges may be similar e.g. accessing healthcare, navigating between health care services and health literacy. Read the Issues Paper >

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Does health care feel safe right now?

Queensland Health has just released two new videos and key messaging, which consumers and the team here recently reviewed, to reassure the public that hospitals are open and ready to provide safe and essential care. Their release comes after staff raised concerns about patients not attending scheduled appointments or going to hospital when they are very unwell or in need of urgent care. Experienced consumers had already highlighted the lack of information for consumers about what hospitals...

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Being safe and feeling safe when receiving healthcare

From what consumers shared, a picture emerged of mixed messaging, inconsistent application of protective and safety measures, and varying levels of confidence in the health system’s ability to keep patients safe from potential infection. Some people feel frightened, vulnerable and forgotten. Read the Issues Paper >

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A Change for the Better?

The way we receive and experience health care has changed so quickly during the past few months. As with any situation, both challenges and opportunities have come from living through a global pandemic. While the negatives are easy to identify, we have also seen Queensland Health: ​ Involve consumers in new and innovative ways ​ Quickly implement new models of care​ such as widespread access to telehealth and hospital in the home Reduce care that is of low benefit ​ Roll out changes that have...

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Positives and innovations consumers want to keep after COVID-19

Consumers outlined the positives and innovations they would like maintained during COVID-19 and beyond including improved consumer engagement, the collaborative, timely and effective decision-making at both the system level and at point-of-care, telehealth and virtual care, and that mental health is given equal weight alongside physical health. Read the Issues Paper >

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Helping the health system navigate towards the ‘new normal’

A consumer recently described the challenge facing Queensland Health as it pivoted to face a pandemic on a scale not previously experienced during the past 100 years, as like expecting “a massive ship to turn on a dime.” Indeed, at Health Consumers Queensland we have never seen the health system work this hard and this collaboratively to care for its consumers. Bureaucracy and inflexibility have given way to connectedness, transparency and agility as different departments, HHSs and other...

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NEW Health Consumers Queensland consumer decision-making guide and FAQs: Is the COVIDSafe app right for you and your family?

Uncertain about downloading the new national COVIDSafe app? Health Consumers Queensland’s new COVIDSafe app decision-making guide sets out the benefits, risks and alternatives. You can read this information online on the Decision-making Guide page.* You can also download our FAQs about using COVIDSafe. The COVID-19 Community of Interest have rapidly provided their views on the app and the proposed guide. Some wanted clearer information (in different languages) and reassurance about security...

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