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Youth Health Forum May 2021

The Youth Health Forum discussed the actions required to put the framework into action and pathways to creating a broader network for young health consumers in Queensland. Two key activities included further feedback on the draft actions and the exploration of networks using art.

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The COVID-19 vaccine rollout – What’s working and what could be better

Last week, Queensland Health gave a record 80,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.  This issues paper shares consumers’ most recent experiences of the rollout up until 22 June 2021 and includes your reactions to ATAGI’s latest revised recommendations for the Astra Zeneca vaccine. It also presents your ideas and suggestions about what needs to improve so that the roll-out feels well-run, safe and person-centred. Read the issues paper >

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HCQ TV – it’s a wrap!

Eighteen panellists, four episodes, four topics, one focus: working together to make healthcare the best it can be. Thank you to everyone (610 views so far) who tuned in to our inaugural webcast series: Sharing Power: Co-design with consumers for impact and equity during 25 May – 3 June. Our Annual Forums are renowned for bringing together expertise across consumer partnerships and whilst we could not meet face-to-face this year, we were delighted to still be able to bring you together with...

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HCQ’s Youth Forum on Friday 14 May 2021 – a day of celebrations, commitments and opportunities

It was wonderful to (finally) hold our long awaited and eagerly anticipated Youth Health Forum face to face in Brisbane last Friday and actually meet many of the dedicated and inspirational young people on our Youth Reference Group in person. In the presence of a variety of amazing stakeholders (some online) including other young health consumer representatives who are partnering with health organisations, the Director General, Queensland Health, Dr John Wakefield and Chief Executive of...

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The COVID-19 vaccine roll out in Queensland: Are you still on board or now feeling de-railed?

Exploring the impact of the slow progress of the vaccine roll-out program across our states and territories and the decision to suspend the distribution of the Astra Zeneca vaccine for under 50s, on health consumers and carers across the State. There is an urgent need for health professionals known to and trusted by their high risk patients to offer a proactive, joined up, team-centred approach so decisions can be made confidently. Read the issues paper >

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Magic bullet or bitter pill: What the COVID vaccine means vulnerable people

Many consumers are living with chronic or multiple conditions which mean they are in category 1B, which is rolling out now. For this reason they experience a real sense of urgency for them to get the information they need about the vaccine: is it safe for them (and their specific circumstances), how and who can they have this safety conversation with, and when they will be vaccinated. Read the issues paper >

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Your questions and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out in Queensland

In the past 4 weeks, Health Consumers Queensland has hosted two Q&A Forums about the COVID-19 vaccine roll out in Queensland: The first enabled consumers from across our network to put their questions to Queensland’s Chief Health Officer (CHO), Dr Jeannette Young. The second was specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health consumers who put questions to the CHO and the Chief Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Officer and Deputy Director-General Aboriginal and...

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A seat at the decision-making table

As the State faces an uncertain economic future with the pandemic draining the public purse, a looming recession and a significant burden of chronic disease and health inequity, key decisions about funding, resourcing and service priorities are only going to get tougher. However, currently, consumers do not have a seat at the table to help shape these decisions even though their health care and health outcomes are directly affected by them. At Health Consumers Queensland’s latest Consumer...

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The COVID-19 vaccine roll-out in Queensland: What would build your confidence?

Amidst intense media coverage and the release of limited information by the Commonwealth and State Governments, our first Consumer Conversation of 2021 focused on hearing what consumers are looking for from Queensland Health’s engagement and communications to underpin informed decision-making and instill public confidence in the plans to roll out the COVID-19 vaccination. Prior to the event, Dr John Wakefield, Director General, Queensland Health sent us this message: "Our big challenge now is...

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A holiday message to our wonderful health consumers, carers and health staff across Queensland

Finally, we are at the end of this never-ending year. As news started to filter through at this same time last year of a concerning new virus, few of us could have foreseen that COVID-19 would go on to wreak havoc and heartbreak across the globe on such a massive scale. We know that in many ways we are ‘lucky’ here in Queensland but we are also aware that in order to contain the virus we have had to bear the consequences of strict and sometimes painful restrictions. You may have lost a loved...

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