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Issues paper: We are still feeling lost and we still have questions.

What consumers told us during the week ending 25 February 2022.

This week, we were all reminded by a long-standing consumer, that we are lucky in Queensland. He asked us where else in the country are consumers at the table, asking questions, being heard, and getting the chance to help work with staff to improve our health system. So if we don’t say this often enough, here it is again, loud and clear. Health Consumers Queensland and our statewide network of consumers are grateful we are in Queensland and grateful to be working with people who understand the importance and value of consumer partnerships.

As always, there are things we can do together to make a great health system even better. So in this spirit, we offer this week’s Issues Paper – a 2 pager.


eNews – February 2019

In this issue:

  • From the Chair
  • 2019 Annual Forum – we’re going to Cairns!
  • 2019 Annual Forum Registration and Travel Support
  • Become a presenter at this year’s forum
  • HHS Engagement Map
  • Offender Health Services Review
  • Office Launch Party
  • Mental Health Organisation Update
  • Department of Health Training Schedule
  • Date Claimer: Graduate Certificate in Consumer and Community Engagement
  • Community Training Day

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eNews – December 2018

In this issue:

  • From the CEO
  • From the Chair
  • Consumers lead consultation at the kitchen table
  • Annual Forum…2019!
  • Staff Shout-out
  • Staff and consumer training – Central West
  • Department of Health training dates
  • Construction of a co-designed adolescent mental health centre
  • Youth Peer Work under spotlight
  • Want to help guide our work?
  • Christmas closer
  • Your input into eNews

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eNews – November 2018

In this issue:

  • From the Chair
  • Health Consumers Queensland news – Free consumer training opportunity at Logan Central Library
  • Consumer support in the far far north
  • 10th birthday celebrations and launch of new Strategic Direction
  • Staff Shout-out
  • Health Consumers Queensland in Darling Downs
  • West Moreton Hospital and Health Service Staff Forum
  • Queensland Health Consumers Collaborative – seeking new members
  • And we’ve moved
  • Other Health Consumers Queensland news HCQ Dept. of Health training workshops

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10 October 2018 Sorry is a Good First Step

Peak consumer health groups around Australia have welcomed Health Minister Greg Hunt’s apology to women whose lives have been severely impacted by trans vaginal mesh implants.

“We congratulate the Minister for recognising that these women have waited too long for validation from a system that treated them as unreliable witnesses to their own pain and suffering.” “But ‘sorry’ is just a good first step. It doesn’t in itself deliver a happy ending.”

While the government has supported 12 of the 13 recommendations of the Senate’s Inquiry into TVM, half of these are supported in principle rather than in substance. In fact the only tangible initiative is the announcement of a Clinical Quality Register for urogynaelogical procedures and even that commitment is capped at “considering the feasibility” of establishing such a register.

Glaringly absent is any new funding to resource integrated care pathways for affected women.

“We are concerned that State and territory support for mesh affected women has to date been inconsistent and patchy with attempts at meaningful co-design of care pathways happening only in a small number of states.

“These women must be central to the design of appropriately resourced and compassionate, multidisciplinary care that includes access to removal by skilled clinicians, pain management and psychological support. We call upon COAG to direct the states and territories to work together to ensure a nationally consistent service response to women’s healthcare needs.

“While the federal Health Minister has kicked the mesh can down the road to the States he is also calling for system reform through institutional self-regulation. Expecting the various bodies that failed their duty of care to pick up their game without addressing their accountability is a forlorn expectation.”

“Further expecting the TGA to improve its adverse event reporting is at odds with the fact that they have registered 364 events to date compared with the 1,000 women who are parties to class action and the 2,400 women who have reported their experiences directly to consumer health groups. “The Minister needs to act decisively on the question of credentialing surgeons and on mandating informed consent (70% of affected women did not give informed prior consent to their procedure). While we applaud the few substantive initiatives announced in this response, a reliance on nonbinding guidelines and self-regulation by bodies that have failed to self-regulate will not wish the problems of mesh away.

For comment and further information contact:

Melissa Fox (Health Consumers Queensland) 04048 2716 / 07 3012 9090

Danny Vadasz (Health Issues Centre, Victoria) 03 8676 9050

Anthony Brown (Health Consumers New South Wales) 02 9986 1082

Julia Overton (HCA SA) 08 8231 4169 Pip Brennan (Health Consumers WA) 08 9221 3422

Darlene Cox (ACT HCCA) 02 6230 7800

eNews – September 2018

In this issue:

  • From the CEO
  • 2018 Annual Forum: The Evolution of Engagement
  • Inaugural Consumer Awards
  • A consumer’s perspective of the forum
  • Other Health Consumers Queensland news… Hearing the voice of all consumers
  • HCQ Department of Health staff training workshops

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eNews – May 2018

In this issue:

  • Conflict of Interest Workshop
  • Graduate Certificate wrap-up
  • Clinical Excellence Showcase
  • Staff and consumer training
  • Consumer networking sessions
  • 2018 Annual Forum: The Evolution of Engagement
  • Opt-out dates announced for My Health Record
  • ADA Australia launches new toolkit: My Rights Qld
  • LCCH Patient and Family Travel Project

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enews – April 2018


  • From the Chair
  • From the CEO
  • Celebrate wellbeing. Everybody wins.
  • 2018 Annual Forum: our newest team member
  • Griffith Unversity’s Health Consumers Queensland Impact Evaluation Project
  • Staff and consumer training update
  • HCQ Department of Health staff training workshops
  • Youth Mental Health update
  • Pasifika Women’s Alliance celebration

…and more

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Senate report into transvaginal mesh released

The Senate have released their report into transvaginal mesh.

Joint State/Territory Peaks Media Release

Vindication for mesh injured women: but suspend mesh until after audit results

Australia’s state and territory based health consumer organisations have welcomed the recognition of the extent and impact of harm to women, and the recommendations contained in the report from the Senate Inquiry into transvaginal mesh implants released yesterday. But they say they hoped the report had gone further.

“We are very pleased that the Senate’s recommendations reflecting our calls to strengthen provisions for informed consent, only using mesh as a last resort, requiring mandatory reporting of complications, establishing a register (which should be retrospective and for all transvaginal mesh devices) and having the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care do an audit of transvaginal mesh procedures in Australia. The Commission must be resourced to do this in a timely manner and the audit should also include procedures done by private specialists” said state and territory consumer peaks spokesperson Melissa Fox, CEO of Health Consumers Queensland.

“However until the community sees this accurate, retrospective data we won’t know just how many women have been harmed by all types of mesh including POP, tapes and slings.  We are disappointed that a more cautious approach wasn’t taken, to recommend the suspension in use of all mesh until the data is in to establish their safety and efficacy.  These devices will continue to be implanted in women in hospitals across Australia tomorrow, and not one more woman should be unwittingly subjected to this high-stakes surgical intervention until we can be assured of their safety”, said Ms Fox. read more…


Young people’s voices the key to improving youth mental health services: PDF

Health Consumers Queensland is advocating for increased involvement of young people and their parents/carers to improve mental health services for children and adolescents across Queensland.

“Sadly, there are too many stories like that of Murray Benton and his family who shared their situation on social media last weekend”, said Melissa Fox, CEO of Health Consumers Queensland.

“Families report profound challenges in helping their children find the care that they need, when they need it, from a health professional they trust, and in a location that is accessible to them”.

“Improving access to mental health services for young people is a high priority and needs to remain a key Queensland Government focus. It is an area of high need for support across the state, both at a strategic level and an operational level”.

“Input from young Queenslanders who use mental health services and their loved ones and carers is key to the development of better services”, she said.

Health Consumers Queensland has been a key partner in the Queensland Government project to deliver outcomes based on recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry into the closure of Barrett Adolescent Centre. The partnership has resulted in the inclusion of young people, carers and families at all levels of the project. The result so far has been an unprecedented approach to designing a new youth mental health facility, to be built at the Prince Charles Hospital, commencing later this year.


For more information on this project, go to:

Media contact: Melissa Fox, CEO, Health Consumers Queensland 0404 882 716

enews – march 2018

In this issue:

  • From the CEO
  • 2018 Annual Forum: The Evolution of Engagement
  • Consumer networking sessions
  • Adolescent Extended Treatment Facility
  • Submission to the Queensland Law Reform’s Review of termination of pregnancy laws
  • Griffith University and Health Consumers Queensland Impact Evaluation Project
  • Graduate Certificate in Consumer and Community Engagement – Brisbane
  • Launch of new CALD resources
  • Experience-Based Co-design toolkit for Australia launched
  • Out of Pocket Pain survey
  • NDIS information forums for providers: Toowoomba and Ipswich regions this month
  • QDN moves to new premises and launches Getting on the NDIS Grid project
  • Peer Leaders Training Needs Survey

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