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Issues Paper: Making sense of Omicron

Key topics in this issue:

  • System capacity is a concern for many consumers, with ramping, backlog of delayed treatments and screening, and underutilization of the surge workforce 
  • COVID Information is still challenging, although improved Consumer and clinicians are often not finding the information they need. 
  • Complacency: There is a perception that the public consider Omicron no more dangerous than a cold, and this is leading a relaxation of precautions.  

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Consumers: How to use Zoom and ensure your voice is heard during COVID-19

We are working to ensure that the consumer voice remains at the heart of the COVID-19 health response. One of the most effective ways to share your views right now is via online video conferencing platforms like Zoom. We would like to help you build your skills to use Zoom with confidence so that you can host and join meetings online, self-organise and have an impact on planning and decision-making in your regions and local communities.

Zoom is free and easy to download if you have a computer which has a microphone, camera and reliable internet.

If you are new to Zoom, take a look at these resources to get up and running.

Written instructions

Getting Started with Zoom

Using the Zoom controls within a meeting


How to join a Zoom meeting

Using meeting controls. This video also discusses controlling a meeting from the host’s point of view, but does have useful information for participants about using Zoom.

Consumers continue to be part of important decision-making

Health Consumers Queensland is working hard to make sure health consumers continue to be part of important decision-making – even during a global pandemic

We are doing this by attending daily or weekly meetings on:

  • Clinical matters
  • Mental health
  • Disability health
  • Community health
  • Stakeholder networks
  • Communications
  • Maternity
  • and with other NGOs.

We also connected with health consumer organisations across the country to share strategies and resources.

Do you feel you have the right information to make decisions on COVID-19 for you and your family?

31 members of our new COVID-19 Community of Interest Group and the Department of Health joined a ‘Consumer Conversations’ feedback session via Zoom yesterday. We asked them:

– Do you feel you have the right information to make decisions on COVID-19 for you and your family?
– What is causing concern or confusion right now?
– Where are you getting good information, and where are you getting support?

Their feedback communicated an urgent need for clear, truthful, inclusive and consistent messaging from governments at state and federal level.

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e-Alert to focus on powerful partnerships which inform and shape the COVID-19 response

We know that many of you are at the heart of COVID-19 in Queensland, either as consumers and carers, loving family members, or as staff in the health system. Our thoughts are with you all and we hope that working together on this will help to ease the burden. 

Health Consumers Queensland is now focusing its efforts on supporting powerful partnerships between consumers and staff in the health system. Our role is in enabling the most effective strategic response to COVID-19 and the communication messages and mechanisms used during these times.

Our eAlerts will now focus on sharing opportunities for consumers and carers to be involved in working with Queensland Health on shaping their plans and decisions about what and how they are communicating so that their messages are received and understood by our state’s diverse communities.  

  • As the pattern and spread of COVID-19 changes daily, we also want to support consumers and carers to quickly build your skills and confidence to self-organise and have an impact on planning and decision-making in your regions and local communities.
  • We will also continue to update you on our new working arrangements and current activities.
  • You can also continue to apply for non-COVID-19 related opportunities through this eAlert and we encourage you to do so as the organisers are making arrangements for non-facing meetings during this time.

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**NEW HCQ TIP SHEET – partnering with consumers on COVID-19

On request from Hospital and Health Service staff, Health Consumers Queensland has created a brand new HCQ tip sheet for staff on how to involve consumers in COVID-19 planning, decision-making and communications . We hope you find this clear, simple and useful.  We have sent it to HHS Chief Executives and Engagement Advisors.  Please circulate it to any staff and consumers you know who should be partnering together on the local development of COVID-19 strategy and communication.

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COVID-19 Community of Interest

If you would like to be a part of a statewide group of consumers who are interested in being involved on COVID-19 responses, please register your details via the link below. 

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COVID-19 – Initial Response

A pandemic is an unprecedented event for our State. An enormous amount of work is currently being led by the Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young and undertaken by people across many organisations and areas of Government as the pattern and spread of COVID-19 changes daily.

It is undoubtedly a challenging time for all of us. It requires a coordinated cross-Government, industry and community response. We have been doing our bit to ensure consumers are being involved in key decisions and we have been listening to the voices of concerned consumers and carers.  

Getting Consumers Involved in Key Decision-making

Last week we invited representatives from the Department of Health to hear directly from twelve experienced and potentially vulnerable consumer partners from across the state representing Aboriginal, culturally and linguistically diverse, and rural and remote communities, people living with multiple chronic conditions or disabilities, parents of immuno-suppressed children and/or with chronic conditions and older people.  You can read a report based on these discussions and what matters most to them. This report has also been shared widely with key leaders in the Department of Health.

At a Queensland Health COVID-19 forum this week Health Consumers Queensland declared that consumers and carers must be at the planning and decision-making table on this issue. We emphasised the important role consumers can play in shaping communications so they are received and understood by our diverse communities. In response, the Director-General of Health, Dr John Wakefield, has shared his expectation to the Queensland Health system leadership that it is more vital than ever that the voice of consumers is heard and valued and that the partnership between consumers and the health system is strong in this time of crisis.

Additionally, the Health Consumers Collaborative of Collaborative meeting this week focused on a workshop with consumers and senior representatives of the health system about the priorities for ensuring a consumer engaged response to COVID-19.  This developed actions, principles of engagement, and networks that need to be engaged with.

We are currently planning and reviewing our work priorities for the year.  We will continue to share with you about outcomes and actions that arise from this and other activities that we are involved with. read more…

enews – July 2019


  • From the CEO
  • Annual Forum 2020
  • Annual Forum photos available now
  • West Moreton Training
  • Introducing our Health Consumer Advisory Group
  • Statewide talks about end-of-life matters and regional palliative care wraps up
  • Youth mental health update
  • DoH training dates


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enews – June 2019

In this issue:

  • From the Chair
  • Annual Forum 2019
  • Community-based training
  • PTSS Update
  • What matters to you in relation to ageing, end-of-life care and dying
  • Expanding Quality and Safety reporting kitchen table discussions update
  • Department of Health training

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enews – may 2019

In this issue:

  • From the CEO
  • An invitation to talk about what matters to you in relation to ageing, end-of-life and dying
  • Project Update
  • Health Consumers Queensland’s ‘What matters to you’ focus group sessions
  • 2019 Annual Forum
  • Queensland Clinical Senate Forum
  • Department of Health Training Dates

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eNews – March 2019

In this issue:

  • From the Chair
  • 2019 Annual Forum Update
  • Community Assistance Available
  • HCQ showcases consumer engagement at recent CheckUp Forum
  • Aspiring Women’s Leadership Summit
  • Talking about what matters to you in relation to ageing, end-of-life and dying
  • Patient-Centred Care Training for Offender Health Staff
  • Department of Health Training Dates
  • Partnering with Consumers Training – for Private Organisations
  • Graduate Certificate in Consumer and Community Engagement – Brisbane
  • Health Consumers Queensland Impact Evaluation Project

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