Closing date extended: 29 January 2021

Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) is seeking one (1) health consumer representative to participate as a valuable member on the Steering Committee for the Statewide Intensive Care Clinical Network (SICCN).

This opportunity would suit a consumer with:

  • at least 12 months’ committee experience, either at the Hospital and Health Service or Statewide level
  • personal experience with intensive care services (via self or close family/friend) is preferred.
  • access to a computer and reliable internet service would be ideal as meetings are held via videoconference.

Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) partners with Hospital and Health Services (HHSs), clinicians and consumers to drive measurable improvements in patient care through the continual pursuit of excellence.  CEQ does this by identifying, monitoring and promoting improvements in the quality of health services delivered by service providers (both HHSs and private health facilities, globally and within Queensland), and supporting and facilitating the dissemination of best-practice clinical standards and processes that achieve better outcomes for our patients.

Statewide Clinical Networks provide clinical leadership, expertise and advice to Queensland Health with the aim of improving consumer outcomes and experience.  They work collaboratively across Queensland to develop and implement evidence-based practice in a coordinated way to achieve high quality healthcare. Find more information on the Statewide Clinical Networks here.


The purpose of the SICCN is to provide clinical leadership, expertise and advice to Queensland Health and champion strategic matters relating to the delivery and advancement of intensive care services in Queensland.

The SICCN will achieve this by:

  • Being the leading strategic body in Queensland for matters relating to the delivery of intensive care services across Queensland.
  • Drive initiatives to improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of intensive care services and care in Queensland.
  • Provide leadership, expertise and advice to Queensland Health in relation to intensive care prevention and control service planning, clinical policy and emerging issues (local, statewide, national).
  • Provide expertise, direction and advice to clinicians within the domain of intensive care services
  • Develop, review and endorse for statewide use, evidence-based care guidelines, pathways and other clinical policy.
  • Develop, promote and integrate clinical research activities and teaching opportunities throughout intensive care services in Queensland.
  • Develop an open and supportive environment for clinicians and consumers in relation to intensive care services in Queensland whilst advocating for workforce issues and wellbeing.
  • Identifying focus areas impacting the current and future delivery of intensive care services and patient flow through intensive care units.
  • Formulating and implementing strategies to address current and future focus areas which impact on the delivery of intensive care services and patient flow through intensive care units.
  • Fostering effective education and research to progress the intensive care knowledge base.
  • Developing and integrating data-driven insights to foster continuous improvements in intensive care delivery.
  • Liaising with external bodies (e.g. Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society, College of Intensive Care Medicine, Australian College of Critical Care Nurses, private sector, research centres, and tertiary and consumer organisations) to identify opportunities for collaboration.

The SICCN Steering committee is a multidisciplinary membership of intensive care doctors, nursing and allied health representatives. The Terms of Reference are available upon request.

Role of the consumer

The consumer representative will be required to:

  • Provide strategic advice to the SICCN from a consumer perspective.
  • Participate in all activities including pre-meeting reading, discussions and the provision of feedback and advice.
  • Participate and provide advice to ad hoc working groups as required.
  • Adhere to the Terms of Reference and same guidelines as expected of all other members of the network.
  • Participate as an equal member of the network.

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