Phil Carswell has been a life-long activist in education, the Union movement, the gay community and as a leader during the Australian AIDS epidemic. He was the first President of the Victorian AIDS Council and sat on all the major AIDS policy and funding national committees during the first 15 years of the epidemic. He has worked as a volunteer and a paid worker in the health field for most of his life and also as a recipient of significant health care having received a kidney transplant in August 2019. He has gone on to be active in kidney health policy development and is a member of the Advancing Kidney Care 2026 Collaborative. 

Phil has long been an advocate for the development of active partnerships in health, having had direct experience of such models during HIV/AIDS.

Currently, he is the consumer representative on the Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Incident Management Team for the COVID-19 pandemic and last year he was presented with the Metro South Health COVID-19 Staff Recognition Engagement Award for his significant contribution to their planning, preparation and response.

Phil sits on Metro South’s Executive Safety and Quality Committee and the Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Safety and Quality Committee. as well as Brisbane North Primary Health Network’s (PHN) Consumer Advisory Committee.

He is also the first consumer representative to join Metro South’s COVID-19 Governance Group.

He recently completed a two year term as a consumer representative member of the Queensland Clinical Senate as well as being the consumer representative on the Sexual Health Ministerial Advisory Committee.

Melissa Fox, Health Consumers Queensland’s CEO, said, “Phil’s particular strengths are his tireless raising of issues from a consumer perspective and his empathy in understanding the different challenges affecting both consumers and health staff and how we can reconcile these to achieve great health outcomes.”

What Phil would like consumers and carers to take away from this course: “I’ll share my insights into how it works day by day and meeting by meeting. I will pass on my tips and tricks for how to make your voice heard and how to find support for yourself as you navigate this role. You have power as well and I’d like to give you the confidence to use your power judiciously and strategically.”