Closing date: Friday 15 February 2019

13th National Allied Health Conference Organising Committee

The 13th National Allied Health Conference Organising Committee is recruiting a consumer to speak at a preconference workshop on the value of allied health services to be held on Monday 5th August 2019. The audience will include up to 100 allied health leaders, managers and clinicians. The workshop format will include one presentation each from a Director of Allied Health, a senior executive from the Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance Division, Department of Health, a Hospital and Health Service Chief Executive, and a consumer. Each speaker will present for 20 minutes, their perspective on the value of allied health, what constitutes high value allied health services and how to promote the value of allied health. Workshop attendees will be invited to table local problems for discussion and resolution in the second part of the workshop. The consumer and other speakers will be invited to contribute to these table discussions.

More information on the 13th National Allied Health Conference, and the organising committee can be found on the conference website:


The National Allied Health Conference is the primary professional development and networking event for allied health professionals across Australia, with a focus on topics/issues common to most allied health professions. The Conference is run every 2 years. Pre-conference workshops as offered as additional professional development opportunities.

What is Allied Health?

Allied health professionals are health professionals that are not part of the medical, dental or nursing professions. They are university qualified practitioners with specialised expertise in preventing, diagnosing and treating a range of conditions and illnesses. Allied health practitioners often work within a multidisciplinary health team to provide specialised support for different patient needs.
Allied health services include, but are not limited to: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition and dietetics, psychology, social work, speech pathology, pharmacy, orthoptics, and podiatry.

Role of the consumer

The role of the consumer is to provide the unique, expert perspective of a consumer of allied health services. The consumer will offer the audience insights regarding what they consider high value allied health services to be, and how allied health leaders might better design and promote their services in the future.

Who is it for?

This opportunity would suit a consumer or carer representative with experience speaking to large groups and experience and/or knowledge about the various allied health professions and service contexts.

Time and location

The workshop will be held on Monday 5th August from 0900-1230 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Queensland.

One meeting with the organisers will be set up prior to the workshop.

Remuneration and Support

Remuneration: Consumers will be remunerated $187 for the meeting prior to the workshop, and at the rate of $374 for the workshop which is the rate recommended by Health Consumers Queensland for a 4-hour + meeting. Other costs such as parking and travel will be remunerated.

Supports: Consumers should advise if supports are required, for example, admin support, support for people with disability, support for a carer, interpreter, induction, and these will be negotiated.

How to apply

Please complete this Expression of Interest form and return to Michelle Stute, member of the 13th National Allied Health Conference Organising Committee via [email protected]

For assistance completing this Expression of Interest, please contact Michelle Stute via [email protected] or by phone on 3646 2147 (Monday – Wednesday).