Closing date EXTENDED: 9am, Monday 7 February 2022

The Department of Health is providing one health consumer representative* the opportunity to participate in two separate, but interrelated, Queensland Health statewide service committees. These are:

  1. The Statewide Services: Assessment and Review Panel (ARP) assesses whether a service should become a statewide service, monitors the performance of endorsed statewide services and provides advice to higher level committees.
  2. The Implementation Working Group (IWG) meets primarily to work through complex issues associated with highly specialised services and statewide services.

The lived experience of the consumer will provide a unique perspective to both committees and contribute to discussions to improve health outcomes and equitable access for all Queenslanders.

*It would be optimal to have one representative due to the associations between the ARP and IWG; however, this not a mandatory requirement.

What are Statewide Services

Statewide services can be broadly described as services that are delivered in low volume and at high cost, require a highly skilled workforce, and need highly specialised equipment, support services or infrastructure.  The services are delivered by one or two Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) to all residents across the state.   Each service is assessed by the Department of Health to ensure it meets agreed statewide criteria, is in the optimal location to meet patient need, has undergone a needs assessment and will be affordable, feasible, safe and sustainable.  An example is a transplantation service such as lung, kidney, heart or liver transplantation.

Who is it for?

A consumer and/or carer representative who

  • Has at least 6 -12 months consumer representative committee experience, either at the Hospital and Health Service, or statewide level, and;
  • Has a lived experience of accessing Queensland’s statewide services OR caring for someone with a lived experience of accessing Queensland’s statewide services, and;
  • Has a good understanding of the Queensland Health system, and;
  • Is resident in a rural or remote area of Queensland.

Study the Terms of Reference

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