Closing date: 9am, Monday 20 December 2021

Queensland Health invites a number of health consumer representatives to apply to participate on Advisory Committees for the Queensland Normal Birth Strategy project to inform the development of an implementation plan to address the drivers of caesarean section (CS), with the aim to safely increase normal birth rates in Queensland Health public hospitals.

Normal Birth
Normal birth was defined by the collaborative developing the strategy as: the normalisation of the physiological process that is birth, as opposed to being focused on a type of birth (vaginal, operative vaginal, CS) or level of medical intervention.

Queensland Normal Birth Strategy (QNBS)
The QNBS provides a detailed analysis of current drivers of CS in Queensland (clinical, political and policy, economic, sociological, technological, legal, and environmental).  A co-designed methodology through an iterative staged process was used to develop the QNBS, in partnership with multi-disciplinary key stakeholders who have experience in maternity care in Queensland. The QNBS proposes the following five components:

1) Universal access to midwifery continuity of carer;
2) Multi-disciplinary normal birth education;
3) Co-designed resources to facilitate informed decision-making;
4) Initiatives to embed respectful maternity care and positive workplace culture;
5) Establishment of a sustainable Normal Birth Collaborative.

Advisory Committee members will agree to five principles that underpin the QNBS:

1) Change culture to promote normal birth and mitigate fear of birth;
2) Centre women’s and birthing person’s informed decision-making, access, and control;
3) Respect the scope of practice of midwives, obstetricians, and other maternity care providers;
4) Use cost-effective, evidence-based solutions;
5) Privilege consumer voices in service design and delivery.

Consumer Advisory Committee Opportunities
– Homebirth Advisory Committee
– Continuity of Midwifery Carer Advisory Committee
– Multi-disciplinary normal birth education Advisory Committee
– Co-designed resources to facilitate informed decision-making Advisory Committee
– Initiatives to embed respectful maternity care and positive workplace culture Advisory Committee
– Transparency, accountability and reporting Advisory Committee

Who is it for?
This opportunity would suit a maternity consumer representative with at least 6 months’ committee experience, either at the Hospital and Health Service, or Statewide level and ideally having had personal maternity experience in Queensland in the last five years.

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