Closing date: 9am Friday, 10 September 2021

The Healthcare Improvement Unit is providing one (1) health consumer representative a unique opportunity to participate in the Statewide Comprehensive Assessment and Care Planning (CACP) Project to improve and streamline Comprehensive Care across Queensland Health.

This is a key project of the Frail Older Persons Collaborative is the Comprehensive Assessment and Care Planning (CACP) Project is essential for all patients accessing healthcare but especially important for frail, older adults and those with complex medical problems, cognitive impairment and intellectual disabilities. The Frail Older Persons Collaborative aims to provide person-centred, coordinated, and comprehensive health care that meets patient’s individual needs and reduces the risks of harm associated with healthcare.

The purpose of this small working group is to develop an evidence-based standardised, integrated risk screening and assessment tool which supports patient’s involvement in their care, screens/assesses for risk of common hospital acquired complications and works towards care which is person-centred, coordinated and delivered in a holistic manner by the healthcare team as stated in the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards – Comprehensive Care Standard.

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