Closing date EXTENDED:  4:00pm, Wednesday 11 August 2021

Health Consumers Queensland has an opportunity for 8 consumers and/or carers to lead a consultation with their local community to learn about their understanding of and/or experience with the Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT).

The primary purpose of the Tribunal is to review the involuntary status of persons with a mental illness and/or intellectual disability. The Tribunal also provides approval for the performance of electroconvulsive therapy and non-ablative neurosurgical procedures. The Tribunal is an independent decision-making body under the Mental Health Act 2016 and is not part of any health service or treating team.

The Tribunal, through two rounds of Kitchen Table Discussions, is seeking to explore Queenslanders’ understanding of the MHRT and its processes, and their experiences of engaging with the Tribunal – before, during and after hearings.

This second round of Kitchen Table Discussions will inform the development of the Tribunal’s Lived Experience Engagement Framework, Tribunal Member Engagement Guide, and practice improvement projects within the Tribunal.

We would like our hosts to have strong community networks and have lived or living experience of engagement with the Tribunal (as a consumer or carer/family member) within the past 5 years. The Kitchen Table Discussions are to take place between 13-27 August 2021.

We are particularly interested in hearing from consumers and carers/family members who identify as or with the following experiences:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Culturally or linguistically diverse
  • Young people (or carers of young people)
  • Live in a rural or remote area
  • Receive or received treatment under a Forensic Order (or your loved one receives or received treatment under a Forensic Order)

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