Closing date:  4pm, 8 October 2020

Health Consumers Queensland is offering five consumers or carers the opportunity to host a kitchen table discussion with their community network to learn about their opinions and experiences of alcohol and other drug treatment services and supports in the region.

About the project

Health Consumers Queensland has been contracted by Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN to facilitate five (5) kitchen table discussions in October to hear from the community about their opinions and experience of alcohol and other drugs treatment services and supports in their community. These discussions can be held in-person or online.

Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN are funded by the Australian Government to improve primary health care services (services that sit outside of a hospital) in the Darling Downs and West Moreton region.
To do this, the PHN works with the community and health care providers to identify how the services in the community are working, what can be improved and what is missing.


‘TALK ABOUT’ is a way for Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN to ask you about your experience with health care in your community.
The PHN wants to ‘talk about’ what you think is working well and what you think could be done better in relation to alcohol and other drugs treatment services. Read more about TALK ABOUT >

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the Kitchen Table discussions is to hear directly from community members to understand what services and supports have been useful and what needs to be improved in relation to alcohol and other drugs treatment services.This is a good opportunity for the Darling Downs and West Moreton community to express what is working, what isn’t, and to see if there are other services they need to support community members.

About Kitchen Table Discussions

Health Consumers Queensland provides opportunities for consumers to lead consultation with their own community. We do this via Kitchen Table Discussions which are community engagement sessions led by local people for local people. They allow small groups to participate in discussions at a time of day that suits them. The discussions enable health consumers, carers and community members who do not ordinarily participate in healthcare consultation to have their say in a safe and supportive environment.

We are seeking five (5) Consumer Hosts with a strong community network who can bring together up to six community members to have a discussion in-person or online via Zoom video conferencing. If online the host will have up to five participants. The Host guides the discussion with a set of questions provided to them and provides the feedback to Health Consumers Queensland.

Role of the Discussion Host

As the host, your role will be to plan, coordinate and host a once-only 90-minute discussion with community members. This includes:

  • Inviting community members who would be interested in being part of the discussion on Alcohol and Other Drugs. They will be your local community connections.
  • Choosing a time, date and venue between 13th and 26th October, that works for your participants.
  • Host the session.
  • Complete the provided feedback template and email to Anne Curtis [email protected] via email by 27th October 2020 along with the completed participant registration sheet.

To support you with this, you will receive:

  • Training via a Zoom video conference call. Zoom is free to download.
  • A comprehensive Host Guide and toolkit with all printed documentation.
  • Support from Health Consumers Queensland to ensure you have a successful session.

Who are we looking for as Consumer or Carer Hosts?

We would like our hosts to be have strong community connections.

Remuneration and Support

Hosts – you will be remunerated at Health Consumers Queensland’s day meeting rate of $374 for hosting an in-person session at a venue and $187 if hosting an online session. You will also be reimbursed up to $70 to cover catering and venue costs for your in-person session (on return of receipts).
Participants – Health Consumers Queensland will provide a $60 gift voucher for each participant for their time.

How to apply

Please complete this application form and return it to [email protected] by 4.00pm on Thursday 8th October 2020.
For assistance completing this application please contact Health Consumers Queensland via [email protected] or by phone on 07 3012 9090.
For queries relating to this opportunity, please email Anne Curtis, Engagement Consultant – Specific Projects, Health Consumers Queensland at [email protected]