Closing date: close of business Monday 17 December 2018

Health Consumers Queensland is establishing a Consumer Advisory Group to enable consumers and carers to partner with us and inform the work we do, and ensure that Health Consumers Queensland is a consumer driven and led organisation.

Purpose of the Consumer Advisory Group:

  • To inform into specific projects, such as our Annual Forum, consumer networking sessions, consumer capacity building, future training content design and development.
  • Identify opportunities for Health Consumers Queensland to further build the capacity of consumers and/or staff to strengthen future consumer partnerships.
  • Identify emerging issues or trends in health that need to be addressed.

The secondary purpose is to develop, support and mentor current and emerging consumer leaders by:

  • Mentoring of new and emerging health consumers and carers by experienced health consumer/carer representatives through membership of the Consumer Advisory Group.
  • Providing Consumer Advisory Group members professional development opportunities to attend Health Consumers Queensland training sessions, attend health and engagement related conferences, forums and events, and be a speaker or presenter at a variety of conferences and forums.


The Consumer Advisory Group will comprise 7 consumers and carers with lived experience of navigating the health system and varying degrees of experience representing consumers on health committees. This degree of experience may range from limited experience to many years’ experience. Break down of membership is as follows:

  • 1 Chairperson (2-year term)
  • 3 Experienced Consumer Representatives acting as a mentor to emerging consumer representative members with the guidance and input of the Chairperson (1-year term)
  • 3 Emerging Consumer Representatives with a desire to be mentored (2-year term)
  • The Consumer Advisory Group will sit alongside other groups that provide input into the work of Health Consumers Queensland..

Terms of membership ranges between 1 to 2 years depending on the role.

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