Our signature Fundamentals of Consumer training has been repackaged for online delivery.

Get a deeper understanding of consumer partnerships in health. Understand your role as health staff in supporting effective consumer partnerships.

New session available 9:00am 17 & 18 August

Who can participate?

• For any Queensland Health staff who has been partnering with consumers and wants to strengthen their partnerships.
• Open to all staff regardless of your experience with consumer partnerships.

What are the benefits of participating?

• Deeper dive into fundamentals of consumer partnerships.
• Training split into two sessions.
• Attend what is relevant and you can make up missed session another time.

Session structure and delivery

• 2 x 1 hour online sessions.
• You only need to register once to attend both sessions. Attendance of both sessions completes the training.
• Delivered via Zoom Meetings.**
• You will need access to the internet and a device with a camera and microphone to participate in this online training.


Day 1 – theory and background.
o Fundamentals of consumer partnerships.
o Drivers of consumer partnerships.
o Consumer and Community Engagement Framework.

Day 2 – Tips and strategies on how to partners effectively.
o Planning for consumer partnerships.
o Preparing consumers and staff for successful partnerships.
o Staff qualities needed for effective partnerships.

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**Zoom and Qld Health Policy
As Queensland Health Staff, you are not able to use Zoom to initiate calls/meetings; however, you are able to use it to access training when the call is not initiated by you. In this instance, the session will be initiated by Health Consumer