Closing date: Close of business Thursday, 4 April 2019 


The purpose of the Steering Partnership (the Partnership) is to provide advice to the Executive Co-sponsors of the Queensland Health (QH) program ‘Delivering Healthcare That Matters’ (DHTM): Low Benefit Care. This work aims to identify and realise opportunities to spend less and really do better for people in terms of health outcomes, more effective care and more personalised care, through a through a focus on low value care (LVC), also referred to as low benefit care, that is care that provides little or no benefit, may cause harm, or yields marginal benefits at a disproportionately high cost.

Evidence shows that current systems and processes may sometimes mean that patients receive tests and treatments that do not benefit them, often cause them inconvenience – including leading to further unnecessary interventions – and sometimes might actually cause them harm. The opportunity cost of expending scarce resources on low-benefit care means those resources are foregone and an opportunity to provide high value care is lost.

The principal functions of the Partnership are to:

  • Advise and support on the development and delivery of a workplan to identify and realise opportunities to reduce the incidence of care to patients that provides little or no benefit, may cause harm, or yields marginal benefits at a disproportionately high cost
  • Actively monitor progress against the workplan and provide advice and support to assist in addressing any barriers to workplan implementation
  • Champion workplan activities that contribute to the program objectives
  • Identify and promote opportunities to support adoption of the value concept across other programs in Rapid Response Areas 2&3
  • Provide strategic advice to DoH, the Minister, and HHSs.


The Collaborative shall be chaired by a Project Clinical Champion or the Chief Executive Champion (or delegate). Membership comprises the ex officio of the following positions:

  • Clinical Co-champion x 2
  • Chief Executive Lead
  • Deputy Director-General, Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance
  • Deputy Director-General, Clinical Excellence Queensland
  • Assistant Deputy Director-General and Chief Clinical Information Officer
  • Subject Matter Experts x 3
  • Chair, Queensland Clinical Senate
  • Chair of Chairs, Statewide Clinical Networks
  • Chair EDMS Forum
  • Chief Executive Health Consumers Queensland
  • Senior Director, Rapid Results Team
  • Chair of Primary Health Network CE group
  • Choosing Wisely Representative
  • Health Consumers Queensland CEO
  • Consumer/Carer Respresentative

Role of the Consumer

The role of the consumers will be to participate in the Committee’s activities, including the review of papers in advance and attendance at the scheduled meetings. Support will be provided to the participating consumers in an atmosphere of good faith. Consumers are encouraged to speak up and provide feedback and advice based on their lived experience of accessing the health system. Consumers will be supported and encouraged to do so.

Who is this for?

This opportunity is ideally suited to a consumer who has a wide lived experience of the public health system – from primary care, to outpatients and through to inpatient care. The ideal candidate will also have an interest in and knowledge of innovation and change within the health sector, particularly in the move towards evidence-based, value-based and patient-centred care.

Time and location

Meetings are set for one hour, on a monthly basis and are currently scheduled until the end of 2019.
Meetings will be held in Queensland Health Buildings either in the CBD or at Herston. Both buildings are close to public transport and parking facilities.

Remuneration and support

Consumers will be remunerated in line with Health Consumers Queensland’s guidelines.

For consumers based outside of Brisbane Metro, support will be provided with videoconferencing facilities to participate in committee meetings.

How To Apply

Please complete this Expression of Interest and return it to [email protected] by Thursday 4, April 2019. For assistance completing this Expression of Interest please contact Michael Taylor via [email protected],or by phone on 07 3012 9090.

For queries relating to the Low Value Care Steering Partnership, please contact Luke Humphreys, Manager – Healthcare Purchasing Strategy, on 07 3708 5890 or email [email protected]

*** We request that completed Expressions of Interest are sent only to Health Consumers Queensland **