As Queenslanders, we know how to prepare for summer storms – clean the gutters, move projectiles from the garden, and have emergency numbers handy.

Current modelling shows that COVID-19 will spread from when the border opens next month and is predicted to peak in Queensland in March. Some communities will be hit harder than others.

  • What does Qld have in place to cope with an outbreak?
  • What should you be doing to prepare?
  • How will you access healthcare and community services during an outbreak?
  • Do you know what to expect if you contract COVID-19?
  • What does Qld have in place to cope with an outbreak?

Watch this panel discussion between our CEO Melissa Fox and Dr Alex Markwell as they outline what we might expect from COVID in 2022 and what consumers and communities need to do now to prepare themselves for the Delta variant.

About Dr Alex Markwell
Dr Alex Markwell is a Senior Staff Specialist at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Emergency and Trauma Centre and Senior Lecturer with the University of Queensland. She is the Chair of the Qld Clinical Senate and a past president of AMA Queensland.