Closing date: Thursday 17 October 2019

Health Consumers Queensland is seeking 4 (four) health consumers or carers to join the Queensland Health Consumer Collaborative. The Collaborative is a joint initiative between Health Consumers Queensland and Queensland Health.


The Queensland Health Consumer Collaborative is a strategic, high level committee that informs the embedding of consumer partnerships at every level of planning, policy, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of services provided by the Department of Health and Hospital and Health Services.

The Collaborative also provides an opportunity for leaders in the Queensland health system to discuss issues and initiatives that require consumer and carer input from a state-wide perspective.

Health Consumers Queensland chairs the Collaborative, provides secretariat services and supports the appointed health consumer and carer members.

Role of the consumer/carer

It is expected that consumers will provide information and feedback to the Collaborative from a consumer perspective. Consumers/carers will draw on  their lived experience of using the health system as well as from the knowledge of the work they do as consumer representatives on other health committees and advisory groups.

The consumer/carer will be appointed for a two-year term and the first meeting will be held in early 2020 (dates to be confirmed).

Who is it for?

This opportunity is for consumers who have had at least two years’ experience as a consumer representative on a strategic committee or group. This can be a statewide or local level with the Department of Health, a Hospital and Health Service or a Primary Health Network. The consumers should have a system wide view of how the health system works in Queensland, and in particular, how the public health system delivers care to people.

The person should demonstrate:

  • The ability to navigate the health system through their own recent lived experience.
  • Their understanding of the concept of person-centred care and what it means for consumers.
  • A solutions-focused and positive approach to addressing the challenges and complexities of the health system.
  • The capacity to speak up with confidence and also bring a wide range of views  to discussions. They should be able to speak beyond their own personal experience because of their strong connections with other health consumers and carers in their local/state networks and communities.
  • Their effective communication skills: to influence health leaders; read and analyse health information from the perspective of a consumer; and to develop shared understandings with key stakeholders on complex and multi-faceted health problems.

Responsibilities and opportunities

Actively contribute to the quarterly meetings held in Brisbane.

Some pre-meeting work is usually required, such as reading over minutes and background briefs or watching videos.

After each meeting, you may be required to respond to some out-of-session decision-making.

Between scheduled meetings, you may also have opportunities to join a Collaborative sub-group to work on a specific topic in a productive and timely way.

In addition, consumer members of the Collaborative are occasionally invited to attend some Queensland Health events, forums and workshops which are not mandatory, but are provided as an opportunity to learn more about the health system.

In 2020, Health Consumers Queensland will be providing on-going training and support to consumer members of the Collaborative through a trial of Project Echo, a small-group based learning process that is completed via video conference.  Initially, Project Echo will be done via fortnightly, 90 minute sessions that will run for five to six sessions in total.  It would be valuable for all new members to join the trial.

Time and location

The Collaborative meets for half a day, four times a year.  All meetings are facetoface and held in Brisbane however from time to time consumers can join the meeting by videoconference or teleconference.

Remuneration and Support

Consumers will be remunerated for their time in line with Health Consumers Queensland’s Remuneration Position Statement.

Remuneration will be provided as follows:

  • $187 per meeting 4 hours and under
  • $374 per meeting 4 hours and over

Parking can be arranged in advance at no cost to the consumer.

Travel assistance, including mileage or flights, accommodation (depending on the consumer’s location) will be provided if you do not live in Brisbane

The secretariat of the Collaborative is provided by Health Consumers Queensland and they will provide orientation, training and ongoing support for the successful consumer representatives.

Newly appointed consumer representatives to the Collaborative will be paired with an experienced consumer member who will “buddy” up with them to provide on-going support and assistance as required.

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