Celebrating the power of consumer engagement

“You gave us young people a voice and made a commitment to amplify and sustain it. As young people, we’re endeavouring to help support and improve our healthcare community. Many of us in that room have an unspoken bond and common experience, it’s that passion that motivates us to stay involved and help create something better.”

Welcome to HCQ’s Winter eNews.


Fundamentals of Consumer Partnerships for Health Consumers

Our signature Fundamentals of Consumer training has been repackaged for online delivery.

Get a deeper understanding of consumer partnerships in health. Understand your role as a health consumer representative and how to partner effectively with health organisations.

Next series 1 and 2 September 4:00pm

Who can participate?

• For any health consumer representative and carer who has been partnering with health
organisations and wants to strengthen their partnerships.
• Open to all health consumer representatives and carers regardless of your experience with consumer partnerships.

What are the benefits of participating?

• Deeper dive into fundamentals of consumer partnerships.
• Training split into two sessions to allow for flexibility of attendance.
• Free of charge. (more…)

Host a Kitchen Table Discussion on water security and purified recycled water

Closing date: 4pm, Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Health Consumers Queensland has an opportunity for nine consumers and/or carers living in South East Queensland to host a discussion with community members about their awareness of and attitudes towards water security and purified recycled water between 28 July – 11 August 2021.

Seqwater is the Queensland Government Bulk Water Supply Authority. It is responsible for delivering safe, secure and cost-effective bulk water supply for more than three million people across South East Queensland. Health Consumers Queensland has been contracted by Seqwater to engage health consumers and carers to better understand / inform its future communications with the public including:

  • the key areas of interest and potential concerns health consumers and carers may have in relation to water security and purified recycled water
  • what messaging works and doesn’t work to help build awareness and understanding of the urban water cycle, the water supply challenges we face and the role climate resilient solutions such as purified recycled water play in providing our region’s water security
  • how health consumers and carers want to receive information about water security and purified recycled water.


Join the Queensland Clinical Senate

Closing date: 9am, Monday 19 July 2021

The Queensland Clinical Senate would like to recruit one consumer and/or carer representative to be a part of the Senate. Your role is to provide the consumer perspective with a focus on quality patient outcomes and experiences through all levels of the health system in Queensland.  

The Queensland Clinical Senate is a multidisciplinary group and represents clinicians from across the health system. By sharing collective knowledge and considering strategic clinical issues, it plays a key role in providing leadership, advice and recommendations to Queensland Health about how to deliver the best care to Queenslanders. The Senate has been successful in advocating for:

  • Identifying and promoting key learnings and opportunities to improve the delivery of healthcare arising from the disruption caused by COVID-19
  • Health and Wellbeing of the Workforce – a statement of principles and actions
  • Addressing key low benefit care priorities
  • GP access to The Viewer
  • Investment in publicly funded bariatric surgery
  • A community education program about end of life care
  • Significant funding to support implementation of innovative models of integrated care (Integrated Care Investment Fund)

This opportunity would suit an experienced consumer and/or carer representative with high-level committee experience, either at the local, Hospital and Health Service, or Statewide level.  Strong and established links with your community and networks are also expected so you inform into the Senate with a broader community perspective.

You will be joined by two recently recruited consumers on the Senate who represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers and rural and remote perspectives and two organisational representatives from Health Consumers Queensland.

Read more and apply >

Host a kitchen table discussion to ‘TALK ABOUT’ managing an ongoing, long term health condition

Closing date for applications: 9am, Friday 14 May 2021

Do you live in the Darling Downs and West Moreton region? Have  you been diagnosed with or do you have knowledge of ongoing, chronic or long term health conditions? 

Health Consumers Queensland is looking for four consumers to host a kitchen table discussion with your community network in this region between 15 May and 29 May to learn about their opinions and experiences of managing a chronic or long-term illness or condition. (While Mental Health is considered a chronic condition, the previous round of Kitchen Tables covered mental health intensively, so we have not considered it for this round.)


Become a member of the Jacaranda Place Stakeholder Committee

Closing date for applications: 9am, Tuesday 18 May 2021

Are you a consumer or carer with a lived experience of accessing a child and youth mental health service within Queensland Health, and some committee experience?

The Department of Health is seeking one mental health consumer representative and one carer representative to participate as members on the Jacaranda Place – The Queensland Adolescent Extended Treatment Centre (Jacaranda Place) Stakeholder Committee.

Jacaranda Place is a purpose-built facility providing a 12-bed statewide inpatient service for adolescents aged 13-18 years (with consideration of extension to 21 years of age) with severe and complex mental health needs who will likely benefit from an extended treatment and rehabilitation model (up to six months depending on clinical need) that fully integrates mental health and educational and vocational training components.


Improve health services for people with brain and spinal cord injuries

Applications close: 9am, Monday, 31 May 2021

Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) invites one health consumer or carer representative to participate on the Steering Committee for the Commonwealth funded Improving health services for people with brain and spinal cord injuries project (the Statewide BaSCI project).

The purpose of the Statewide BaSCI project steering committee is to ensure the success of the project. The Statewide BaSCI project will support Queensland Health and Hospital Services to implement actions within the Statewide adult spinal cord injury health service plan 2016-2026 and the Statewide adult brain injury rehabilitation service plan 2016-2026 so that patients with brain or spinal cord injuries will benefit from more equitable access to specialised rehabilitation care closer to home. This will be achieved through the expansion and improvement of existing health services across the care continuum and piloting new service models.