Annual Survey 2020

Every year, Health Consumers Queensland undertakes our Annual Survey to understand if our work is hitting the mark. We want to know how we can do better and where we can improve as well as what’s working well already.

This year we aimed for a short and snappy questionnaire, acknowledging the burden of answering yet another survey in a year of full of consultation. You rose to the challenge and more than 60 of you shared your thoughts and perspectives on a range of topics including training, recruitment, and online engagement.

Many of you want us to continue to do what we’ve been doing! In particular, you want a continued focus on training for Hospital and Health Service staff and advocacy for consumer involvement in all parts of the health system. Importantly, you want us to increase our focus on rural and regional health, aged care, culturally and linguistically diverse consumers and a wider range of opportunities for consumers of all experience levels.

These survey results will help to guide our work in 2021 and beyond. Thank you so much for your participation!