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Training for staff

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Recruiting consumers?

Once you are clear about the purpose of the activity you are recruiting for and the role any consumer representatives will play, you are ready to commence the consumer recruitment process

Amplifying the Youth Voice

We are delighted to share with you the first component of our forthcoming Youth Engagement Strategy: Amplifying the Youth Voice: Health Consumers Queensland Youth Engagement Framework

Amplifying First Nations voices

We are supporting engagement between First Nations community members and health service providers through the roll out of Queensland Health’s COVID-19 vaccinations campaign and beyond

2022 Annual Forum

Be inspired by videos, photos and more from the today’s leaders in consumer engagement.

Recruiting consumers

Everything you need to know, from first thoughts to supporting an ongoing partnership

Consumer opportunities

The latest vacancies for consumer representatives

Paying consumers

The how, why and when of remuneration and reimbursement, including our Remuneration Position Statement.

Our COVID response

Our latest work with consumers and staff and how consumer input is influencing Queensland Health’s COVID-19 response


Our YouTube channel is a rich library of consumer partnership resources

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Join us in 2023! Our training program supports healthy and robust partnerships between consumers and health organisation staff.

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Kitchen Table Discussions

How we use Kitchen Table Discussions, focus groups and co-design to consult with the broader community.

Consumer consultations

Our library of consumer opinions on everything from COVID testing to mental health to hospital in the home care.


Whether you are experienced in consumer partnerships or just beginning your journey, we are here to support consumers and health staff work together to build a stronger health system